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Our main focus is to deliver exactly what our name implies to "Jet" you off to your new home in a stress free move - on time and organized with a smaile.

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Jet Pack Movers keeps well - maintained trucks that you can count on. Your belongings are well protected and safe.

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Jet pack movers is a professional moving and packing company which employees experts for providing services like packing your goods and moving from one place to another. “Jet Pack Movers” is headquartered in Toronto. Jet Pack Movers believes in hiring expert staff who have already worked in moving and packing industry in Toronto. At Jet Pack Movers you will find everything required for moving to your new destination like luggage packing and moving in a friendly way, Arranging affordable transportation that fits for all your goods to be carried to next destination in a relaxing way.

Jet Pack Movers also takes care of the packing boxes to be used for for packing all luggage to be moved by ensuring that good quality material is used in packing boxes. After hiring Jet Pack Movers as your moving and packing partner, you will be relaxed and find yourself in comfort zone as all the discomfort is now born by Jet pack Movers for you.

At Jet pack Movers, we make sure that all packing and moving of heavy and expensive luggage is made under one of the senior staff’s guidance.

Designed to Jet you into
your new home!

Jet Pack Movers is a skilled local moving company with professional staff that is trained to move you into your new home quickly, efficiently and safely. When you engage our services for your move, you can sit back, relax, and let us take the stress out of Moving Day.

Our professional, trained staff makes Moving Day a breeze!

We hire and train people who are committed to working hard and getting the job done, all the while maintaining the ultimate in courtesy and good manners. Our staff will treat your belongings with respect and care, ensuring that your move is incident free. You can count on Jet Pack Movers to handle your move quickly, efficiently, carefully and politely.

We’ll bring you everything you need!

Prior to your Moving Day, Jet Pack Movers will deliver all of the supplies you need to pack up your home. From boxes, tapes, labels and bubble wrap, we have it all! Simply use the handy online form to order your supplies, or give us a call – we’ll bring it right to you!

Our Services

  • If the thought of packing makes you sweat, just relax as we will take care of everything and wash the worries away.
    Packing can sometimes be the most stressful part of the entire move. We realize that and upon request can provide packing specialists who will rise to the occasion and organize and pack you belongings for you. Packing meets Art! Read More
  • Not all boxes are created equal! Experience has taught us that different items require different boxes. Thus we have specially designed our boxes to suit your items and life. Delivering your valuables and memories intact is our top priority. Read More
  • No matter how small or large of a move, your mind is preoccupied and we want to take a load off your mind. We want to be your partners and support staff to assist you prior to the move to plan and organize every last detail. Read More